Hello there! Nice meeting you. First of all, thank you for visiting my blog and for being interested that you'd want to know anything about me. I'm Mariana Raposo, a 18-year-old girl living in Portugal, near Lisbon. And yes, I really am 'only eighteen'. I'm currently on my last year of high-school, in a sciences and technologies area, and still quite indecisive about my future life. I've always been a polymath for all kinds of things: from art to astronomy, to history, to philosophy, to cinema, to physics & chemistry, to photography, to style & fashion. If I love so many things, why would I chose to blog about my personal style and style in general, you ask? I have no idea. What I know is that I love inspiring and being inspired. I love beautifully curated editorials, vintage look like photography and the good old icons of style like Jane Birkin. I hope you feel inspired by the visuals I create for you, as well as you feel inspired to shop more consciously.

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