Thursday, October 5

Denim Series with Avelinas Vintage | Part I

Getting used to a new city and a new life means taking some time away from the online world. It also means going back to more basic outfits - and denim is my best friend when it comes to that.
If you've been following me for a few months, you'd know I have a problem with vintage denim: I can't keep myself away from buying another great pair of Levi's jeans - and that's pretty much how I discovered the denim heaven that is Avelina's Vintage. It's seriously the place to buy vintage denim that is reworked to correspond to today's styles and cuts.
With summer not leaving Lisbon alone any time soon, skirts can be your best friends when the temperatures rise up to 30 degrees celsius, even though they may not be the most practical option to run around town. The one I'm wearing is definitely not the typical denim skirt: it is the result of used Levi's 501 and 505, cut and stitched to make you feel like the coolest weirdo in town - very (very) a la Vetements (but way less expensive, you know).
Part II is on it's way! ;)

Second Hand Blouse
Uterque Shoes (A/W '16/17)

Captured by José Lima


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