Sunday, May 29

Loving #1: Rouje by Jeanne Damas

[EN] If you're a person who has a deep love for the so called parisian style then you must certainly have heard off the french style icon, Jeanne Damas.
Besides having an impeccable style and being extremely beautiful, there's something about her that makes all of was want to look and be like her.
If following her on instagram (@jeannedamas) wasn't already enough to leave me craving her looks (and wanting to steal her closet) now that she's launched her debut brand, Rouje, I think I might go crazy. The collection is the perfect combination between sober sophistication and sensuality and will definitely give you the basics to dress like the French Girl. Lately, I've been gravitating more and more towards this French style because I really think it's the one to which I relate the most, so I really couldn't be happier to see all my desired pieces becoming real. The only problem now is the price, let's be honest, not all of us can give over 100€ for a dress, right? But still... I'm leaving you with a few photos so I can leave you falling in love with Rouje just like I did.

[PT] Se são apaixonadas pelo estilo parisiense de certeza que já devem ter ouvido falar da Jeanne Damas. Para além de ter um estilo impecável e ser uma mulher linda, há sem dúvida 'algo' mais nela que a transformou numa verdadeira It Girl.
Se segui-la no instagram (@jeannedamas) já me deixava completamente apaixonada pelos seus looks (e com vontade de lhe roubar o guarda-roupa) agora que lançou a sua marca, Rouje, sou capaz de dar em doida. O conjunto das peças da coleção são a minha definição de guarda-roupa perfeito e exatamente (mas exatamente mesmo) ideais para quem quer ser uma verdadeira French Girl. Estou completamente rendida. Só tenho mesmo pena de a maioria das peças estarem fora do meu budget... Ainda assim, deixo-vos algumas imagens das favoritas da coleção, que podem comprar aqui.

All images via; collage by me.