Tuesday, November 10

Let's Talk | Blogging Frustrations

Having a blog isn't as easy as it is many people picture it to be. Yes, it looks amazing from an outsiders perspective: 'free' clothing, amazing pictures, and, on a higher level, a lot of travelling, designer bags and shoes and millions of social media followers. Blogging is so easy! - some of you say. But my dear friends, let me tell you something: you are wrong.
You may have noticed I haven't blogged for a little over two weeks now and I really wanted to apologise for this. The main reason I've taken a break from blogging (without actually being disconnected from this world) is time, or more specifically, the lack of it. In addition to that, all my attempts to post something with quality, for example, and outfit post, were a failure and that has lead me to feel very frustrated and that's how I came up with this post, because I realised I am definitely not the only one trying to deal with this problem.

If you've been following me for a while you'd probably know that I never compose posts about blogging or life tips. I usually don't share my opinion that often here and that's something I want to change. So, let's talk blogging frustrations, shall we?


If you've been or have just started blogging you've probably gotten bad photos. The outfit wasn't perfect, the light was terrible, you felt and looked like a potato while shooting and, the cherry on the top, your not so professional camera wasn't helping, at. all. 
But hey, that's okay! It's okay when things don't go as we expect them to go. The only possible thing we can do is accept it, move on and try again later.


I have sent many emails asking for collaborations or partnerships and well, over 50% of them didn't get any reply and believe me, that still stresses me out. I know they probably get over 100 emails a day referred to collaborations but I still think that brands should be more respective towards our work and reply even when the answer is no.


You've just looked into your blog and you don't like what you see. The header looks wrong, the layout looks wrong, your posts aren't good enough and even your blog name makes you want to cringe. This is something that has happened to me many times- maybe for being so insecure about many things I do by myself. In addition, I'm also the biggest perfectionist on earth which means that I am constantly on the hunt for something wrong. Am I the only one here?

With this being said I think I can only add one simple solution to this problem: stop comparing yourself to others, (specially, other bloggers). Being a blogger means you will be exposing yourself a lot on the internet and you'll also be seeing a lot of people who have an appearing better life than yours. It is easy to compare ourselves to others, leading us to think we are not and will never be as good as the other. It is okay to look at a blog and think 'oh I wish I was as successful as x'- the desire pushes us to give better of ourselves and work more in order to accomplish our goals but it's also that desire to be perfect that can make us obsessed and, furthermore lead us to create barriers in our creativity, making it impossible for us to reach our goals. 
So this is to me, and to all of you who also struggle with the constant desire to be and do perfect(ly): accept the fact that sometimes not everything will go as you wish.

What about you, what frustrates you the most about blogging and how do you deal with that situation?

**Aos meus leitores portugueses, peço que me desculpem por ter escrito exclusivamente em Inglês mas tornar-se-ia pouco apelativo à leitura devido à extensão que o texto iria tomar**


  1. Keep going :)


  2. Parabéns querida!!! Disseste quase tudo o que eu penso acerca do que eu penso da blogosfera. É tão frustrante quando não temos inspiração para fazer um post ou quando encontramos várias coisas que não gostamos no nosso blog. Por vezes comparamos o nosso trabalho ao de outras bloggers e acabamos por ficar chateadas porque o das outras é melhor que o nosso... É mesmo necessário fazê-lo?! Não, não é. Temos de acreditar no nosso trabalho porque se não o fizermos então ninguém o fará.
    Acho que fizeste muito bem em escrever este post em Inglês porque acho que perderia o "poder" se fosse em português.

    Catarina A.

  3. Concordo plenamente contigo! Ter um blog não é nada fácil, requer muito trabalho e dedicação, caso contrário nunca ninguém o irá ver =/ Por vezes torna-se dificil conciliar o blog com tudo o resto que se passa na nossa vida, mas não é impossivel. Por isso, continua a publicar posts :) e força nisso!
    Cá eu, gosto imenso do layout do teu blog e acho que podes dar um desconto a ti própria e não ser tão perfeccionista!
    Segui-te <3

    Eu iniciei o meu blog, há pouco tempo..mas podes fazer uma visita

  4. és uma blogger fantástica e os teus post's correspondem a isso mesmo!
    acho que todas nós um dia vamos ficar sem imaginação e ter dificuldades mas não desistas nem deixes de escrever e pousar pq seria uma perda gigante, gosto tanto de ver os teus post's como gosto de ver os da AngelicaBlick!! O que é brutal!!
    beijinho, Ada

  5. Tens um blog fantástico, não desistas! :)

  6. great post! & my blog name still makes me cringe to this day, but i am too lazy to change it lol
    and totally agree, just have to take it as it comes

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