Holiday at... Cote d'Azur

Lately I've been daydreaming about travels to the incredibly beautiful beaches and the inspiring streets of the cities in the famous Cote d'Azur. Don't take me wrong, I love Portugal and the fact it has amazing beaches and stunning views it's absolutely undeniable, but there's something that makes me want to travel the World and explore the unknown. There's something about The French Riviera and Italy’s Amalfi Coast that make me want to buy a plane ticket to those destinations more than anything; I don't know what is is, but it is definitely something special.  If I was going to Positano or Cannes, or any other location in Cote D'azur these are the pieces I would take with me... And Bon Voyage!

Ultimamente tenho andado a sonhar acordada com as praias incrivelmente bonitas e os locais inspiradores da famosa Cote d'Azur. Não me interpretem mal, Portugal tem imensas locais & praias fantásticas que nos deixam igualmente apaixonados, mas há qualquer coisa que me atrai ainda mais nesta costa banhada pelo mar Mediterrâneo. Talvez seja o facto de desde muito pequena ter viajado; quer queira quer não, haverá sempre qualquer coisa que me deixa com vontade de viajar para fora daqui e explorar o Mundo inteiro: a famosa wanderlust. Assim sendo, estas são as peças que eu levaria para uns dias em Cannes, Positano ou Ville Franche. Têm algum favorito?

1. Zara Dress Shirt / 2. Polette Sunglasses / 3. Havaianas Slim / 4. Cinco Store & The Peach Box Jewelerry / 5. Net-a-Porter Bag / 6. Oiôba Reversible Bikini / 7. Zara Bandanna / 8. Zara Top / 9. Topshop Skirt / 10. Zara Shoes / 11. Futah Towel

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  1. Cute shoes :)
    Maria V.

  2. ahhh i'd love to go to the french rivera
    gorgeous picks

  3. Nice selection! <3

    Kindly visit my blog,
    Thank you :)

  4. Adorei as escolhas! xx

  5. Hey :p Gosto tanto dessas sandálias, são lindas! Beijinho*


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