Thursday, October 5

Denim Series with Avelinas Vintage | Part I

Getting used to a new city and a new life means taking some time away from the online world. It also means going back to more basic outfits - and denim is my best friend when it comes to that.
If you've been following me for a few months, you'd know I have a problem with vintage denim: I can't keep myself away from buying another great pair of Levi's jeans - and that's pretty much how I discovered the denim heaven that is Avelina's Vintage. It's seriously the place to buy vintage denim that is reworked to correspond to today's styles and cuts.
With summer not leaving Lisbon alone any time soon, skirts can be your best friends when the temperatures rise up to 30 degrees celsius, even though they may not be the most practical option to run around town. The one I'm wearing is definitely not the typical denim skirt: it is the result of used Levi's 501 and 505, cut and stitched to make you feel like the coolest weirdo in town - very (very) a la Vetements (but way less expensive, you know).
Part II is on it's way! ;)

Second Hand Blouse
Uterque Shoes (A/W '16/17)

Captured by José Lima

Wednesday, August 30

My Guide to Buying Vintage #1

Since I started buying most clothes from second-hand shops and posting photos wearing these pieces I've received a few messages asking me what were my favourite vintage shops online and if I had any tips on how to get the best finds. With this, I thought it was a good idea to write a series of posts letting you know about my tips and tricks and my favourite affordable sites to buy cool vintage second had pieces that won't ruin your wallet. I thought I would divide this guide into two posts the first being 'How to Buy Vintage' and the second, 'Where to Buy Vintage'. Hope you find this useful!


1. Expect to take longer to find something you like. If you're buying vintage (weather it's online or not) you can't expect to find exactly what you're looking for (especially when you look for very specific trend pieces) as fast as you find them on, let's say, Zara or H&M. Although this might me a little frustrating for some people - because you look look & look and find nothing - it is could become a really entertaining hobby to people who love researching - like me! Vintage shopping takes time and patience, but, to me, that's where the fun and interesting part of the 'game' resides.

2. Measurements, measurements measurements! Almost every time, vintage sizes are not the same as modern sizes plus, sometimes, the tag does not correspond to the actual size of the piece, because not only the pieces may have gotten some wear (which means they could be bigger from the frequent washing) or could have been altered/fitted by the owner. So, if you're buying online always ask the seller about the measurements of the piece so you can make sure you won't end up buying something too big or too small. Do this especially when buying vintage jeans because the sizing can be very tricky. Always ask for the hips and waist measurements, so you avoid having to return them.

3. Keep checking the website for new items. Most vintage online boutiques only stock one piece of each model they have so, usually they sell out really quickly, sometimes, in just a few hours. The best thing you can do to be one the first people to see the newest products is to subscribe to the Newsletter. I know, Newsletters can be annoying (and I'm probably subscribed to about a thousand for reasons I can't recall) but most vintage shops that I'm subscribed to don't send out emails as frequently as most shops so our problems are solved!

4. Ask the seller about the condition of the piece. If you're buying on Ebay, you're most likely to find many cheap pieces of which many are also damaged and sometimes that is not mentioned or if it is, it's not highlighted and it's usually hidden. Stains and holes are a no-go because you are not likely to be able to remove them or fix them.

5. Get over the stigma. When I talk to people about buying second-hand clothing some react like it was something unpleasing. They usually argue that the pieces have been worn by other people and that second-hand clothes are for the poor. I totally disagree with this: these are just preconceptions that should be left aside, there's nothing awful about owning pieces that have been worn nor it is a sign of poverty to buy second-hand clothes. Rationally, buying second-hand is unarguably the best way to help the environment because you're not only keeping the clothes out of the landfills but you're also not spending anymore water and creating chemical waste that pollutes the environment. Fun-fact: it takes 2720 liters of water to make a t-shirt - for more facts like this one, visit and I'm sure you'll get my point!

Keep an eye on the blog to know when the second part of the guide is up, where you'll get to know all my secret places to buy vintage online. And remember, buying vintage is the best way to help the environment plus you also get unique pieces, which helps you grow a distinct style.

Photo via

Saturday, August 5

Postcards from Paris

Paris was our first stop. It was also my favourite part of our one week trip to France, in which we also visited Nice and Monaco (more to come from that!). Words can't really describe this city that is filled with charisma and uniqueness.

Sunday, June 4

The Perfect Red Dress

Oh hey. Long time no see, I know. But if you follow me on Instagram you'd know I'm not dead or anything because I've been updating it quite frequently (either trough insta stories or my feed). I've been a little busy with all the school projects; and from the tests to the planning of the high school's prom the energy and the inspiration left can't be much. But when I finally got the time and motivation needed to go out and shoot, I grabbed my boyfriend and went taking some pictures to celebrate this amazing vintage red dress from Bird On A Wire - one of my top online places to shop carefully curated vintage pieces, at an affordable price (if you find something you really like there, don't hesitate to get it because most pieces get sold out quite fast!) - and nature it self. And although the weather wasn't the best - it was extremely windy and I got a bit too cold - I had seriously the best time. I feel like the flowy red dress, the wind and the surroundings really helped giving these photos a laid back, natural vibe - which was exactly what I was looking to show you.

Long time no see, eu sei. Mas se me seguem no Instagram provavelmente saberão que não desapareci nem algo do género, já que tenho publicado fotografias com alguma frequência; a verdade é que tenho andado ocupada com a escola: desde os testes até ao planeamento do Baile de Finalistas não me sobra muito tempo, energia ou inspiração. Mas assim que tive alguma motivação extra agarrei no meu namorado (quem fotografa a maioria dos meus looks) para tirarmos umas fotografias que celebrassem não só a beleza deste vestido vermelho fantástico da Bird On A Wire - uma loja online que está no meu top de sítios para comprar peças vintage em bom estado e a preços acessíveis e que, já agora, tem sede em Lisboa (o que significa que não há o problema de terem de lidar com a alfândega ou de terem de pagar um balúrdio pelos portes) -  e celebrar, também, a natureza. Estas fotografias fizeram-me valorizar a minha pequena cidade. Viver na província pode ser um grande aborrecimento, mas, por outro lado, somos compensados com estes lugares onde a natureza prolifera.

Vintage dress c/o Bird On a Wire Vintage
Handmade basket bought at a local market
Vans Old Skool sneakers

Wednesday, April 26

Who Made My Clothes?

This is #fashionrevolutionweek, an event created by Fashion Revolution, an organisation who wants to change the fashion industry by leading us (the costumers, duh!) to question the brand's who make this industry so unsustainable to the people and the planet. With this being sad, I thought I would do a little reflection on this very alarming subject.

Don't take me wrong, I also love clothing and style like you (or more), but It's getting harder and harder for me to shop at fast-fashion brands without feeling a sense of guilt. Why? Because I know the consequences - and they are bad: from the terrible & inhumane working conditions of the factories to the awful polluting of the oceans, rivers and lands for fast cotton producing and fabric dyeing... the list goes on. I've questioned myself quite a few times If I could be a part of the blogging/instagram community while still trying hard to keep myself away from fast fashion shopping. It's not easy to not be influenced and influence others to buy a certain item. But then, if we can promote a pieces of clothing so well, is it that hard to promote a conscious way of shopping? Yes, it is quite less ordinary, but once the revolutionary word is out, I think we can do anything.

And yes, it isn't always easy to shop second hand, or vintage clothing, but if we are aware of thie problems that come with compulsive shopping at fast-fashion shops, we'll be far more less likely to crave as many pieces of clothing as we used to. And I know that sometimes it may be harder to find specific trends at second-hand shops, and that eco friendly shops aren't as cheap as Zara or Primark. But do you not think that fair working conditions and a less polluted world aren't enough reasons for us to change our huge consumption of items of clothing, many of which we don't really need nor love?

But really, if you want to make a change (like me) here are some  REALLY cool places where you can shop: Bird On a Wire VintageASOS Market Place (Vintage & Independent Boutiques), Avelina's VintageDorado Vintage (...) I'll show you more soon!

Esta é a semana da #fashionrevolutionweek, um evento organizado pela Fashion Revolution que permite levar os consumidores a questionar as empresas e a pedir mais transparência nos assuntos humanitários e ecológicos da produção de peças.

Assim, pensei em explorar este tema que todos nós preferimos ignorar: as consequênciais devastadoras - humanas e ambientais - da fast-fashion.

Adoro peças de roupa novas. Fazem-me feliz e ajudam-me a a sentir-me bem. Mas a verdade é que já não tenho conseguido ignorar o facto de a maioria das lojas onde tenho comprado roupa até agora sejam extremamente poluentes para o ambiente e exploradoras das pessoas. Será que 'aquele' vestido floral que só vamos usar uma vez vale todas essas consequências tão terríveis e negativas? Claro que não.

Tenho-me questionado se é possível estar dentro deste meio dos blogues sem fazer parte deste ciclo promovedor de um consumismo acelerado, que tanto gosta da Inditex (a cadeia Espanhola da qual fazem parte lojas como a Zara, Bershka, Pull&Bear, Oysho...). Mas a verdade é que tal como nos podemos influenciar a comprar uma determinada peça na Zara, podemos também quebrar o ciclo, influenciando-nos uns aos outros a refletirmos sobre esta indústria, a terceira mais poluente do planeta. Investir em peças com melhor qualidade, comprar peças em segunda mão, vintage ou comprar em lojas que garantam condições justas aos seus trabalhadores e a redução do desperdício resultante da produção de peças, são as opções a escolher se queremos um mundo mais justo e menos poluído. Sim, pode ser mais trabalhoso, mas acaba por ter também outras vantagens: a garantia da singularidade de cada peça, algo que não temos em nenhuma loja de 'fast-fashion'.

Se quiserem mesmo mudar (tal como eu) aqui ficam alguns dos sítios onde podem comprar peças eco e human friendly: Bird On a Wire VintageASOS Market Place (Vintage & Independent Boutiques), Avelina's Vintage, Dorado Vintage, (...) Mostro-vos mais num próximo post! Deixo-vos com uma curta realizada pela Fashion Revolution:

Sunday, April 9

Wish To Wear #4

A WTW with a little bit of beauty. I've been finding myself more interested in investing in good beauty products lately and this 'Midnight Recovery Eye' from Kiehl's is on the top of the list of my next purchases.
With the temperatures rising up quickly the one thing I wish to wear is a flowy sundress - this is one is from Realisation Par, but I'll link a few more affordable ones down bellow - and some cool sneakers to make it more casual. I've always loved the 'old skool' model, by Vans, but it was not until a few weeks ago that I decided they would be a great addition to my wardrobe, thanks to instagram and it's cool accounts - like the blogger Evelyn Roxana, who writes mermaid wishing.
Then, I would add the usual accessories. A necklace by Cinco and a really weird bag that I probably won't be able to buy anny time soon.

Um WTW com um pouco the beleza pelo meio. Tenho andado cada vez mais interessada em descobrir novos produtos e em descobrir o tratamento ideal para a minha pele. O creme 'Midnight Recovery', para diminuir as olheiras da Kielhs, está no topo da minha wishlist de beleza.
Com as temperaturas a subir só apetece mesmo vestir um sundress - este é da Realisation Par, mas podem encontrar semelhantes em baixo, por um preço menor - e calçar umas sapatilhas super confortáveis, para dar um toque de casualidade. Já há algum tempo que gosto (e muito!) das Vans Old Skool, no entanto, só agora estou a considerar verdadeiramente comprá-las, graças a uma blogger que descobri recentemente - Mermaid Wishing - que as usa em muitos dos seus looks e de uma forma tão versátil que me faz querer fazer o mesmo. Por último ficam os acessórios habituais: um colar dourado - da Cinco, a minha loja predilecta de joalharia acessível - e uma mala que se há uns tempos diria sem dúvida não, hoje seria exatamente o contrário - apesar de não a poder comprar (ahah).

Miu Miu L'Eau Bleue - here
Realisation Par Sundress - here
Cinco Golden Choker - here
J.W Anderson Pierced Bag - here
Vans Old Skool Sneakers - here